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Dec 19 - Mar 7
Lac-des-Loups QC

Skating through the Forest

In the Heart of Lac-des-Loups
Free – $16
Discover the enchanting site of Skating Through the Forest next to the vast Gatineau Park, at 45 minutes from Ottawa. Savour the pristine experience of ice skating on a natural 3km open air ice path ...
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Aylmer QC

Symmes Inn Museum

Built in 1831 by Charles Symmes, founder of Aylmer and nephew of Philemon Wright, this hotel welcomed passengers traveling from Montreal and allowed them to spend the night before catching a steamer...
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Val-des-Monts QC

Arbraska – Laflèche

5 and up
French English
[French] language.Prends ton élan et viens découvrir les ascensions d’Arbraska Laflèche! Tu aimes grimper au sommet des arbres, traverser les sentiers périlleux ou encore descendre en...
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Montebello QC
[French] language.Le Parc, formule unique au Québec, vous permet de découvrir de nombreuses espèces d’animaux sauvages vivant en liberté dans leur habitat naturel, au fil des saisons.
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Ottawa ON
At Mer Bleue, you will find interpretive boardwalks, sand ridges, cross-country ski trails and forests. Mer Bleue is the largest bog and natural area in Canada’s Capital Region and the...
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Carp ON
The Diefenbunker was commissioned by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in 1959, as part of his government’s reaction to escalating tensions in the Cold War. The purpose of the bunker was to house key...
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Ottawa ON
The Billings family settled on the shores of the Rideau River in 1812 and took an active role in shaping the community as it evolved over time and until the 1970s when they left the estate. They...